2G 3G 4G Telecommunication Training in India
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    4G Telecommunication Training in India

    Telecom certification courses at Tech-Vidhya aim at laying a strong foundation of the telecommunications’ technologies including wireless, wireline, broadband, and mobile both via theoretical and practical means. Beneficial for both new entrants and skilled professionals, the time duration of these courses usually vary from 6 weeks to 6 months, which enrolled candidates can choose as per their convenience.

    2G/3G/ 4G Telecommunication Training in India
    Our telecom certification course comprises of 15 modules which cover three technologies (2G, 3G, and 4G). 2G Equipment Training enables students to take up the jobs related to 2G installations, troubleshooting and commissioning of telecom equipment. 3G training provided to engineering fresher students will emphasize on covering both classroom and on-site training that enable them to fetch good job offers across India. 4G Telecommunication Training in India is designed for both experienced as well as freshers engineering background students. The implementation of the technology, equipment associated with it, etc. is some of the main areas of focus during training.

    Guaranteed Placement- Our Promise
    We value your hard-earned money, therefore give flexibility to students to attend free demo classes of telecom certification courses for two days. During demo classes, they can get a fair idea about our course material, quality of trainers, their teaching abilities, etc. Once you enroll with us, it becomes our responsibility to place you in reputed telecom organization within the time of 6 months. 100% guaranteed placement is our promise for now and ever!


    2G Equipment Training in India!

    This course includes 2G Technology and its equipment training so that trainees will be able to do installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of these equipments.

    3G Training and Placement!

    Tech-Vidhya focus on 3G training and placement of the fresher engineering students in the same sector in leading telecom companies across the India.

    4G Telecommunication Training!

    Tech-Vidhya’s this course is India’s first 4G implementation training. Which includes latest 4G equipment and technology training for fresher as well as experience engineers.

    Tech-Vidhya Stats!

    Course Details of 2G/3G/4G Telecom Training!

    Check out complete details of 4G Telecommunication course in India with 15 Modules Course which includes three technology equipment implementation training.

    Course Contents:

    • Introduction to Telecommunication Sector.
    • History of Telecom Sector in India.
    • Growth of Telecom Sector in India.
    • Telecom Circles in India.
    • Telecom Companies in India.
    • Working pattern of Telecom companies.
    • Job opportunities in Telecom sector.
    • Requirements for different types of Telecom Jobs.
    • How to start career in Telecommunication sector?
    • Future of the Telecom Sector in India.

    Different Types Of Telecom Sites For 2G/3G/4G Network.

    • Introduction to cell site, Node Site, BSC Site, RNC Site, MSC Site, POI Site ,Transmission link, Repeater Site with classification and equipment used at these sites.
    • Equipments (Infra):- Introduction, types and usages of Telecom Towers, Shelters, Pole Mounts, Outdoor Cable Trays (HCT & VCT), Roxtec and Cable tray (indoor-HCT).
    • Equipments (Electrical):- Introduction, types and usages of Diesel Generator, AMF panel, Earthing Pits, Lightning Arrestors, Aviation Lamps, Servo-stabilizer, Power Interface Unit, Power Plant, Air-conditioner, Battery Bank, Alarm panel, ACDB, DCDB, EGB and IGB.
    • Telecom Equipments:- Introduction, types and usages of Telecom Equipments.
        • RF Equipments:- Introduction, types and usages of panel Antenna (GSM, UMTS & LTE), Antenna Accessories (Tilt Arrangement, Antenna Clamps etc.), RF cables & Accessories (RF cables, Jumper cables, RF Connectors, RF Clamp, RF Earthing Kits, Wheather proofing Kits & Surge arrestors etc.)

    Introduction, Specification & Usage of Tools and Test equipments used at Telecom sites (2G, 3G & 4G).

    • Tools:- Spanners, Screw Drivers, Hammers, Cutters, Crimping Tools, Knife, Drill Machine, Punching Tools, E1 Connector Tools, Wrapping Tool, Strippers, Hot Air Gun, Torque Wrench, Ratchet Set, Soldering iron, Tilt Meter, Mirror Compass, RF cable Cutter, Spirit Level, Allen Key, Rope, Pulley etc.
    • Test Equipments:- Laptop, Multimeter, Analog Power Meter, Digital Power Meter, Ethernet Tester, VSWR Meter, Site Analyzer,etc.
    • Health & Safety Tools:- Helmet, Safety Belt, Gloves, Boots, First Aid Box, EHS Guideline Sheets etc.
    • Software Tools :- Filezilla, Site Analyzer PC Tool, USB to COM Driver, Different Microwave software, Different BTS/Node-B/eNode-B software etc.
    • Overview, General Standard & Specification, Architecture, Function of Network elements used in Access & Core networks, Protocols, Channels, Traffic Management and Transport Technology used in GSM/UMTS/LTE
    • Microwave Technology overview:- What is Microwave?, MW Frequencies Band, Propagation Used, LOS Principle, Fundamental of LOS survey, Types of Microwave (PDH & SDH), Why we used MW communication system in GSM, UMTS & LTE Networks.
    • E1/T1 Fundamental:- What is E1 or T1?, Basic of E1/T1, different types of E1/T1 cables, E1 bypassing & routing, Capacity of MW communication system in Terms of E1/T1/STM1.
    • E1 Patching:- Concept of E1 routing, Physical E1 Connection between two Microwave IDUs, Logical Cross Connection of E1, E1 Testing, Optical media Termination & E1 Mapping.
    • Transmission Equipments:- Introduction, types and usages of Microwave Dish Antenna, Feed Horn, Microwave Radio, Wave Guide Cable, Wave Guide Splitter/Coupler, IF Cable & Accessories, Transmission Rack, DDF, Microwave IDU, Mux, SDH and other transmission equipments.
    • Microwave Product Discription:- NSN Flexi Hopper, NSN Flexi Packet Radio, NSN Flexi Hybrid Radio, Ericsson Mini-Link, Ericsson Mini-Link TN etc.
    • Microwave Plan:- What is microwave plan?, What are major components of microwave plan?
    • Implementation of MW Equipments:- 1+0 & 1+1 Microwave configuration, Diversity in Microwave, Installation Process for Microwave Antenna, Fixing of Radio with Antenna, IF Cable routing & Termination, Microwave Rack Installation, IDU & DDF installation, Commissioning Process, Alignment Process.
    • Troubleshooting:- Troubleshooting of Minor faults of Microwave.

    Note:- From this module we cover max 2 -3 Microwave product description based on the requirement.

    Concept of Diversity Technique, Carrier configuration, RF Radio Units, Power Unit and Controller Unit.

    • Introduction to BTS/Node-B/eNode-B
    • Fundamental Block diagram of BTS/Node-B/eNode-B
    • Different Cards/Module of BTS/Node-B/eNode-B
    • Sectorization in BTS of BTS/Node-B/eNode-B
    • Alarams in BTS of BTS/Node-B/eNode-B
    • Carrier configuration used in BTS/Node-B/eNode-B

    Explanation of Product overview, Cabinet Information, Cards description, Cards functionality, Internal Cabling according to different configuration, External interface of cabinet, External and Internal Alarms

    • Nokia Solution Networks (NSN):– Nokia Ultrasite EDGE BTS, Nokia Flexi EDGE BTS, Nokia Flexi WCDMA BTS, Nokia Multi-Radio.
    • Ericsson:- RBS2000 Series (RBS2954/RBS2964) and RBS6000 Series (RBS6601, RBS6202)
    • Huawei:- 3900 Series
    • Samsung:- Samsung eNode-B

    Installation Concept of RF equipments

      • Collection of different plans and data
      • RFI Survey and report Generation
      • Preparation of Material Requisition Note (MRN)
      • Finalization of tool kit & Test Equipments according to work
      • Installtion of Outdoor and indoor equipments
      • Labelling of whole site

    Note:- From this module we cover max 2 -3 BTS/Node-B/eNode-B equipment based on the requirement.

    Installation commissioning and Integration Procedure for BTS/Node-B & eNode-B Equipments

    • Cabinet installation steps
    • External connection on cabinet
    • Cards arrangements according to carrier configuration
    • Internal cabling according to carrier configuration
    • External alarm connection and termination
    • Media/E1 termination on cabinet
    • Commissioning of equipments
    • Integration of equipments
    • Various types of maintenance and its activity along with documentations such as preventive maintenance ,break down maintenance /regular maintenance etc
    • Rectification of various alarms related to Rf line such as High VSWR, RSSI etc
    • Rectification of various transmission alarms related to NOKIA FIU, RRI, FIFA & Ericsson MLE-Tn etc
    • Rectification of various TRX Faults related to BTS/Node-B/eNode-B such as Nokia Fexi Egde BTS, Nokia Multiradio BTS and Ericsson RBS 2954/2964 and Ericsson RBS 6000 series etc.
    • E1 routing and its verification and testing
    • Swapping of equipments, Sector addition, Sector removal, Antenna height reduction, Capacity expansion, Link up-gradation, BTS relocation, Cabinet Expansion

    Different types of Testing and Documentation at Telecom Sites.

    • VSWR Measurement and report generation
    • RFI Survey and report submission
    • External Alarms verification
    • TRX testing and report generation
    • Self Assessment Quality Inspection and report generation
    • Material Reconciliation and report generation
    • Site folder preparation and all annexure attachments
    • Work Completion Certificate preparation
    Procedure for Site Handover to operator and Troubleshooting of the general/common faults at the time of site Acceptance Test.
    • Understand health & safety guideline for Telecom Sites
    • Access – Restricted and Un-Restricted
    • General Safety Responsibilities
    • Safety Induction
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Competence and Fitness for Work
    • Site Safety
    • Professional Resume writing
    • Online Mock Interview preparation
    • Personality development
    • Special classes for interview preparation

    Course Details:

    • Course Fee: Rs. 32000/- + 18% GST (For Indian Students Only)
    • Course Code: TVC-3G4G-IE
    • Demo Classes: Two Days Free Demo Classes
    • Eligibility: BE/B.Tech/Diploma Engineers in (ECE/EEE/CSE/IT)
    • Placement: 100% Guaranteed Placement (For Indian Students Only)
    • Placement As: 3G Engineer, 4G Engineer, Node-B Engineer, eNode-B Engineer, Telecom Engineer, Transmission Engineer, BTS Engineer, Site Engineer, Project Engineer, BSS Engineer, O&M Engineer
    • Placement Location: Pan India / Priority Location (For Indian Students Only)
    • Salary You May Get: Rs. 16000/- to Rs. 22000/- CTC per Month (For Indian Students Only)
    • Duration: 90 Days
    • Venue: Shaheen Bagh – Jasola (New Delhi)

    Why choose us?

    for 4G Telecommunication Training in India, Want to know why you should to choose us to shape up your career.

    Personality Development

    At Tech-Vidhya, Experts Personality Development Trainer’s takes classes on Personality Development of the Candidates so that they can do better in their future.

    Placement at Priority Location

    Tech-Vidhya provides placement at priority Location to our candidates. So that they can basically work at or nearby their home location to give better result to companies.

    Assignment Based Training

    Tech-Vidhya follows assignment based training concept for almost all courses. Daily home assignments give a depth knowledge about the topic in candidates.

    Professional Resume

    Tech-Vidhya will also focus on professional resume designing for each and every candidate for Free. A well design professional resume gives a positive impact on the interviewer.

    Free Demo classes

    Tech-Vidhya offers Free 2 to 3 days demo classes on all class days for candidates. Now check our training highlights and class patterns before enrolling for a course.

    Technical Assistance

    Tech-Vidhya offers Life Time Technical Assistance to the candidates, who have successfully completed the training program.

    100% Placement Record

    Our one of the main strength is our excellent placement record. We are providing 100% placement to deserving candidates after successfully completion of training.

    Practical Training

    Tech-Vidhya concentrates specially on practicals part for job oriented courses. These practicals is to be carried out in Tech-Vidhya Lab and on Live on Site Projects. Help to get better job.

    Interviews Preparation

    Tech-Vidhya’s Trainees can prepare themselves online “Any Time Any Where” for any upcoming interviews from trainee members area by accessing thousands of Q&N.

    Smart Classroom

    At Tech-Vidhya you will attend the Telecom classes in advance Smart classrooms which are fully equipped with all accessories such as projectors, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Digital Pads.

    What do Our Trainees say?

    Want to know what our trainees say? about 4G Telecommunication Training in India and our training pattern as well as placement.

    In my B.Tech I acquired theoretical knowledge about telecom. As a person cannot clap with one hand, Tech Vidhya was the other hand besides my Engineering which helped me to achieve my dream as a Telecom Engineer. Training at Tech Vidhya was totally a new experience, as the method to train was really challenging and innovate.
    G. S. AZAM, BSS - Vodafone (W.B)
    I am very glad and can call myself as the scholar of Tech Vidhya Institute as it gave me the right platform with full theoretical and practical matter to ascend the stairs of success in Telecom sector. While I always wanted to effect positive change in my community, it was Tech Vidhya that gave me the tool set to make it a reality. Thanks to Azim Sir and Pankaj Sir.
    Naveen Pratap Singh, BSS - Alcatel-Lucent
    Yes, Very much Confidently I said Its best telecom professional institute in India. Mr. Azim sir throughout course amazing conceptual and deep teaching on very small topic also. Mr. Pankaj Sharma sir given me strength & positive attitude towards field & future vision in Telecom. Conclusion best is always best… Thumbs up ‘TechVidhya’ !!
    W. Bhushan B., Project - NSN

    2G / 3G / 4G Telecommunication Training in India FEES structure!

    Check out the various fees structure offered by Tech-Vidhya for 3G / 4G Telecommunication Training in India.

    Indian Students

    3200000+18% GST
    • Duration: 90 Days
    • Free Demo Classes: Yes
    • Placement: 100% Placement in Telecom
    • Salary: 14000/- to 24000/- Per Month

    Foreign Students

    $150000+18% GST
    • Duration: 90 Days
    • Free Demo Classes: Yes
    • Placement: No – Placement only for Indian Students
    • Accomodation assitance on additional payment
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    by Swaroop Das on Tech-Vidhya - Telecom Training and Placement
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    A very good platform for those fresher who are seeking for job and want to enter in telecom domain .Faculties are experience having proper knowledge of field and will guide you to enhance the skill in telecommunication and as my review title is that don't worry about the job as they will make u so confident about this segment as u I'll never feel that their is the lack of job in telecom. Thanks for reading review.

    by SHUBHAM JAISWAL on Tech-Vidhya - Telecom Training and Placement

    Tech Vidhya is a Institute where the students get lots of opportunity and bundle of benefits for there bright future in Telecom Sector.

    by SHIVENDRA KUMAR SINGH on Tech-Vidhya - Telecom Training and Placement

    Supportive and much experienced faculty who guide the students to find their way of success in Telecom Sector.

    by Ranjeet Kumar on Tech-Vidhya - Telecom Training and Placement

    Excellent faculty...... I had gained lot of experience and learned more about telecom industry.. Azim sir and Khaliq sir best teacher in institute...

    by Balwant Singh on Tech-Vidhya - Telecom Training and Placement
    got the telecom job

    i got the telecom job in punjab location.

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