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  • Spoken English Course in Delhi
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Advance Spoken English Course in South Delhi

Advance Spoken English Course is meant for students who have a good knowledge of grammar and vocabulary but are shy and under confident. They may also have incorrect pronunciation. This course has been designed exclusively for those who have a good command over the English language but they hesitate as far as common conversation or presenting themselves in front of large numbers of people is concerned. This course ensures that you get enough confidence to point before a large group of audience. This course is to improve Advance Grammar for construction & practice of difficult sentences, Advance vocabulary, public speaking skills, group activities, facing interview board.

This English speaking training is structured in a way to improve your overall English competency across the four skills – reading, writing, listening & speaking. You will also improve your skill to use English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary with self-confidence and accurately.

Advance Spoken English Course Details

Course 3: Advance Level

  • EMI: Rs. 6500/- + Rs. 6500/- (in 30 days)
  • Advance English Speaking Training
  • 2 Hours per Session, 2 Months Duration
  • Classes: 5 Days a week (Monday to Friday)
  • Content: Advance Grammar, Advance vocabulary, Public speaking skills, Group activities etc
  • Suitable For: Those who have fair knowledge of grammar and vocabulary but are hesitant and under confident.
  • Demo: One Free Demo Class
  • Discount: 5% – if you pay online in advance

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