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  • HVAC Training in India and 100% Placement for Mechanical Engineers

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    Summary of HVAC Course in India

    • Course Fee: Rs. 20000/- Training Fee + Rs. 12000/- Placement Fees
    • Course Code: TVC-HVACE
    • Demo Classes: Two Days Free Demo Classes
    • Eligibility: BE/B.Tech/Diploma Engineers in (EE & ME)
    • Placement: 100% Placement (For Indian Students Only)
    • Placement As: HVAC Engineer
    • Placement Location: Pan India / Priority Location (For Indian Students Only)
    • Salary You May Get: Rs. 12000/- to Rs. 22000/- CTC per Month (For Indian Students Only)
    • Duration: 90 Days
    • Venue: Shaheen Bagh – Jasola (New Delhi)

    HVAC Training in India

    Best Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Training Institute in India

    Tech-Vidhya – one of the leading HVAC Training Institute in India offers best HVAC Training in India for Fresher Mechanical & Electrical engineering students with 100% Placement in HVAC. 

    Tech-Vidhya – provides HVAC Design & Drafting training and placement as per ISHARE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) and ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers).
    This Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Course in India is designed to help the Fresher Mechanical or Electrical Engineers to get the job in HVAC designing or operation. This HVAC Training in India is for the fresher engineer to helps them in getting suitable placement in the HVAC system. This job oriented practical HVAC Training in India is to fill the gap between the Theoretical Learning & actual practical design of HVAC systems.

    This 90 days HVAC Training in India with placement in HVAC system in Delhi is based upon theoretical & Practical design calculation & extremely concentrated upon the design of varies components of HVAC by using various assignments, test and on live project training. This HVAC Training in India is divided into four segments, the first part is based upon theoretical study & design of HVAC system while the second part is based upon the practical design of HVAC Systems, Third part is totally based on live project training as well as assignment and report submission. Last part is interview preparation, professional resume writing and finally placement in HVAC Companies.

    Job Oriented HVAC Course Details

    Check out the complete HVAC course details for HVAC Training and Placement for engineering students with handsome salary.

    HVAC Course Contents!

    Module 01: Introduction to Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning

    • Modes of Heat Transfer in a building
    • Forms of Heat (Sensible & Latent Heat)
    • Unit of Refrigeration
    • Codes & standard used in HVAC

    Module 02: Basics of air conditioning & refrigeration system

    • Vapour Compression cycle
    • Vapour absorption cycle

    Module 03: Basic Air Conditioning Components

    • Compressor & Types of Compressor
    • Condenser & Types of Condenser
    • Evaporator & Types Of Evaporator
    • Types & function of Expansion Valve

    Module 04: Classification of Air-Conditioning System

    • Window A/C
      • Working of Window A/C with Line Diagrams
    • Split A/C
      • Types of Split A/C
      • Working of Split A/C with Line Diagrams
    • Ductable Split A/C
      • Working of Ductable Split A/C with Line Diagrams
    • Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV)/Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
    • Ductable Package A/C
      • Working of Ductable Package A/C with Line Diagrams
      • Package Roof Top Units
    • Central Plant Chill Water System

    Module 05: Types & properties of different Types of refrigerant

    • Types & properties of different Types of refrigerant

    Module 06: Categories of Air Conditioning

    • All air system
    • All water system
    • Air – water system
    • Direct Refrigerant system

    Module 07: Study of Psychometric Charts

    • Dry Bulb Temperature
    • Wet Bulb Temperature
    • Dew Point Temperature
    • Relative Humidity
    • Humidity Ratio
    • Enthalpy
    • Processes
      • Heating
      • Cooling
      • Humidification
      • Dehumidification
      • Cooling and Dehumidification
      • Cooling and Humidification
      • Heating and Humidification
      • Heating and Dehumidification

    Module 08: Load calculation

    • Building survey
    • Cooling Load Steps
    • Finding Temperature difference(Delta T) (Wall, Glass, Roof , Partition)
    • Finding ‘U’ Factor (Wall, Glass, Roof, Partition)
    • Finding Ventilation requirement for IAQ
    • Load Calculations (Manually using E-20 form)
    • ESHF, ADP & Air Flow Rate(CFM) & Tons of Refrigeration Calculation

    Module 09: Air Distribution System

    • Duct-Definition & Terminology
    • Duct Design consideration
    • Duct sizing methods
      • Velocity Reduction Method.
      • Equal friction method
      • Static regain method
    • Duct sizing as per Aspect Ratio
    • Finding Duct size using Duct Sizer
    • Single Line diagram
    • Double Line diagram
    • Total Area Calculation
    • Gauge selection for Sheet Metal
    • BOQ Preparation for Duct System.
    • Legends and Symbols used in the HVAC Industry
    • Duct Materials
    • Insulation materials used in HVAC Industry
    • Acoustic materials
    • Concept of CAV & VAV
    • Selection of Diffusers, Grilles, dampers, Fire dampers, Fresh Air louvers etc
    • Static Pressure calculation
      • Selection of Motor HP
      • Selection Fan/Blower RPM
      • Selection Air Handling Units
    • Hanging Arrangement of Ducting
    • Accessories used in duct hanging- Fastener, Threaded rod, angles & channel

    Module 10: Hydronic System/ Chilled water system pipe designing

    • Classification of Water Piping
    • Pipe sizing for chilled water system
    • Insulation used for chilled water ,condenser water piping etc
    • Fittings used in the HVAC Piping System
    • Valves used in the HVAC Piping System
    • Function of Valves
    • Pump Head Calculation

    Module 11: VRF/VRV System designing

    • Selection of VRF/VRV Equipments
    • Indoor unit grouping
    • Outdoor unit selection
    • Copper Pipe Sizing
    • Refnet Selection
    • Refrigerant charge calculation
    • Schematic drawing
    • Line diagram

    Module 12: Equipment Selection

    • Chillers – Types & Its Application
    • Air Handling Unit
    • Fan coil Unit
    • Pumps
    • Cooling tower – Types & its losses calculation
    • Humidifier/Dehumidifier
    • Fan – Types & Application

    Module – 13: Ventilation systems

    • Kitchen ventilation system
    • Car parking ventilation system
    • Toilet Exhaust Ventilation System

    Module – 14: Preparation of Tender specification

    • Major components like chiller, AHU, Pump Cooling tower, ducting & Piping etc

    Module – 14: Estimation & costing of project

    • Understanding the tendering requirements.
    • Quantity take off
    • Preparing Inquiry for Suppliers & Finalizing the suppliers.
    • Final Billing & Quotations finalization
    • Preparation of purchase orders
    • Quotation Evaluation – Techno commercial comparison sheet

    Module – 16: Detailed BOQ preparation

    • Detailed BOQ preparation

    Module – 17: Basics of HVAC Drafting

    • Symbols & Legends of HVAC System
    • Drafting Standards of HVAC System
    • Representation of Design drawing
    • Preparation of Single line Schematic & isometric Drawing of Air condition Ducting & ventilation Ducting Typical details of equipment’s used in projects

    Module – 18: HVAC software’s

    • XL sheet for Load Calculation
    • HAP (Hourly Analysis Program)
    • Wedco for weather Data
    • Duct sizer for Duct sizing – Mcquay
    • Pipe sizer for Pipe sizing – Mcquay
    • Psychrometric Software – Carrier, Trane, Daikin
    • Autocad

    Module – 19: Key Concept & New Terminology used in HVAC Industry

    • District Cooling system
    • Green Building
    • IPLV (Integrated Part load value) calculation
    • NPLV (Non standard part load value) calculation
    • IKW/TR calculation.
    • Power consumption analysis of chiller with weather data
    • HRW (Heat Recovery wheel) – working Application
    • Basics of BMS (Understanding Sequence of Operation for HVAC System)

    Module – 20: Health and Safety Guideline

    • Understand health & safety guideline for Telecom Sites
    • Access – Restricted and Un-Restricted
    • General Safety Responsibilities
    • Safety Induction
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Competence and Fitness for Work
    • Site Safety

    Module – 21: Interview Preparation and Resume writing

    • Professional Resume writing
    • Online Mock Interview preparation
    • Personality development
    • Special classes for interview preparation

    The outcome of Job Oriented HVAC Training!

    After completion of this HVAC Training and Placement, You will be able to;

    • Calculate Heat load
    • Select Equipment Sizing & their Capacity
    • to carry out Ducting Design
    • Centralized chilled water system (Air Cooled / Water Cooled)
    • to do Energy conservation study & design
    • setup VRV’s / VRF’s system for residential & commercial buildings
    • setup Mechanical Ventilation for Car Parking & Basement area
    • to design for Cold Storage refrigeration system
    • understand Clean Room Environment technology
    • Design Warehouses & Industrial Ventilation System
    • Design Passive natural ventilation 
    • Design Thermal Storage System 
    • Design Fire Fighting System 

    Reasons to Choose Tech-Vidhya


    HVAC Training and placement in India!

    Know why to choose Tech-Vidhya for best HVAC Training and placement in India for engineering students & professionals.

    Free Study Material

    Tech-Vidhya offers HVAC Study Material, HVAC Sample Questions, HVAC Exam Preparation Questions and HVAC Interview Questions & Answer free of cost to its students.

    Free Demo classes

    Tech-Vidhya offers one to two days free demo classes on all class days for each and every mechanical and electrical engineering candidate of this Job Oriented HVAC Training in India.

    Live Project Training

    At Tech-Vidhya Diploma & BE / B.Tech Mechanical engineering students will get HVAC Training on real projects so that they will be aware of the real working environment.

    Smart Classrooms

    At Tech-Vidhya you will attend the HVAC classes in advance Smart classrooms which are fully equipped with all accessories such as projectors, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Digital Pads.

    100% Placement

    Tech-Vidhya offers job oriented HVAC training and 100% placement in India for ME / M.Tech, BE / B.Tech or Diploma Mechanical & Electrical Engineering student.

    Industry Expert Trainers

    Tech-Vidhya have partnered with highly qualified, experienced & expert HVAC Trainers with almost 10 years of real HVAC industry (Indian & Abroad) experience.

    Personality Development

    Tech-Vidhya offers Personality Development, Spoken English, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Presentation skills classes to HVAC Students at no additional cost.

    Professional Resume

    At the end of this HVAC Training, Tech-Vidhya will provide a well design professional resume according to the HVAC industry demand for each and every student.

    Assignment Base Training

    Tech-Vidhya follows a pattern for the training which includes daily assignments on every topic. And because of these assignments, we deliver the best job oriented HVAC Training.

    Interviews Preparation

    Before the end of HVAC training session, Tech-Vidhya offers interview preparation for all students so that they can prepare themselves for upcoming HVAC Interview.

    HVAC Course Fees 

    Tech-Vidhya offers two types of HVAC training for Freshers Mechanical & Electrical Engineers. One HVAC course is with 100% Placement in HVAC while other will be only for HVAC Training.

    HVAC Training & 100% Placement

    3200000+18% GST
    • Training Fees: Rs. 20000/- At the time of Admission
    • Placement Fees: Rs. 12000/- at the time of placement
    • Placement: 100% Placement in HVAC
    • Free Demo Classes: Yes

    HVAC Training

    1500000+18% GST
    • Duration: 80 Hours
    • Free Demo Classes: Yes
    • Placement: No Placement only HVAC Training
    • 10% Group Discount – if you are 5 in Group
  • Apply Now & Get 100% Placement in 90 Days

    Enroll for May – 2018 Batch for Job Oriented Training
    Get 100% Guaranteed Placement in Aug – 2018!

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  • HVAC Training in India for Fresher Mechanical Engineers

    Apply now for HVAC Training in India

    The areas where HVAC Engineers are required

    • Construction companies
    • Polymer industries
    • Aeronautical Plants
    • High raise buildings
    • Pharmaceutical industries
    • Automobiles industries
    • Food industries
    • Cement industries
    • Agricultural industries
    • Hospitals
    • Power Generation stations
    • Substations
    • Infra structures
    • Hyper malls
    • Air ports
    • Metro Stations
    • PetroChamical Companies
    • Hotals
    • Commercial Buildings

    Contact Tech-Vidhya!

    You can contact us via emails, phone calls or visit our training institute in Delhi for HVAC Training in India. 

    Leading HVAC Training Institute in India


    A Unit of RIOE Business Private Limited
    F-30/1B, Ground Floor, Z Apartment, Shaheen Bagh,
    Near Cribs Hospital, New Delhi – 110025, INDIA
    Helpline No. +91-7878781122
    Contact No. +91-7065992777

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    HVAC Engineers may get a job in these companies!

    After completion of HVAC Training in India, you may be appointed by these companies as an HVAC design engineer.

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