Tech-Vidhya Certified 3G Implementation Engineer
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3G Training in Delhi for Telecom Engineers

A great to know for us that Tech Vidhya as one of the utmost 3G training institute offering the extraordinary course on 3G Technology Implementation. The 3G is exclusive and effective subject that has bright future in Telecommunication industry. We aim to provide such intelligent course to make proficient each trainee in 3G implementation and its origin, integration and testing, Node-B/BTS installation, and many more. This 3G implementation engineering course not only limits up-to 3G network while further 4G network revolution will be started by expert and dedicated faculties who will give you very sharp knowledge regarding the course so, that you become master after taking complete training from here.

3G Training Course Contents!

Telecom Equipments & Accessories for 2G/3G Networks

Best 3G Training Institute In Delhi-India

  •  Telecom Sites:- What is Telecom site, Introduction & classification of Telecom site (BTS Site, Cell Site, POI Site, Node-B Site, IBS Site, BSC Site, RNC Site and Repeater Site).
  • Telecom Equipments (Infra):- Introduction & classification of Telecom Towers, Shelters, Pole Mounts, and Outdoor Cable Trays (HCT & VCT), Roxtec, Cable tray (indoor-HCT).
  • Telecom Equipments (Electrical):- Introduction & classification of Diesel Generator, AMF panel, Earthing Pits, Lightning Arrestors, Aviation Lamps, Servo-stabilizer, Power Interface Unit, Power Plant, Air-conditioner, Battery Bank, Alarm panel, ACDB, DCDB, DDF and IGB.
  • Telecom Equipments:- Introduction & classification of GSM & UMTS Antenna & Accessories (Tilt Arrangement, Antenna Clamps etc.), Diplexer & Triplexer, RCU, RF cables & Accessories (RF cables, Jumper cables, RF connectors, RF Clamp, RF Earthing Kits, Whether proofing Kits & Surge arrestors etc.), Transmission Rack,

Tools & Test Equipments for 2G/3G Networks

Nobe-B Training in India

  • Introduction:- Specification & Used of Tools (Spanners, Screw Drivers, Hammers, Cutters, Crimping Tools, Knife, Hack Saws, Drill Machine, Punching Tools, E1 Connector Tools, Wrapping Tool, Torque Wrench, Ratchet Set, Soldering iron, Tilt Meter, Compass, RF Cutter, Sprit Level, Allen Key, Rope, Pulley etc.).
  • Test Equipment’s:- (Laptop, Power Meter, VSWR Meter, Site Analyzer, Bit Error Rate Tester, etc.)
  • Health & Safety Tools:- (Helmet, Safety Belt, Gloves, Boots, First Aid Box, EHS Guideline Sheets etc.).
  • Software Tools :- Filezilla, Site Analyzer PC Tool, USB to COM Driver.

MW Communication system in GSM/UMTS Networks

RTN900 Training in India

  • Introduction Technology:- Microwave, MW Frequencies Band, Propagation Used, LOS Principle, Fundamental of LOS survey, Why we used MW communication system in UMTS Network, PDH and SDH MW.
  • Introduction Hardware :- Basic Design of MW Antenna, Different Parts used in MW Antenna, Block Diagram of MW communication System, E1’s Fundamental, E1 bypassing & routing, E1 Capacity of MW communication system, Different Types of MW communication system
  • MW Equipments: – NSN Flexi Hopper, NSN Flexi Packet Radio, NSN Flexi Hybrid Radio, Huawei RTN 900/600/450 series, Ericsson Mini-Link, Ericsson Mini-Link TN, Ceragon – FibeAir IP 10/1500R, NEC Pasolink NEO Series .
  • Implementation of MW Equipment’s:- Data required (Transmission Plan) to install & Align MW Link, Installation Process, Alignment Process, Commissioning Process, Terminology used.
  • Commissioning Software’s:- NSN Hopper Manager, NSN Flexi HUB Manager, T2000, U2000, I manager 2000, Site maintenance terminal, Minilink craft, Ericsson MSM, PNMT, PNMTj, Flexi Packet LCT etc.

Note:- From Microwave Equipment’s Topic we cover max 2 -3 MW equipment based on the requirement.

Introduction to 2G & 3G Technology
UMTS - WCDMA Training Institute

  • Introduction and Description of GSM:- GSM Overview, General standards & specifications used in GSM, GSM Architecture, Function of network elements used in BSS & Core networks, GPRS/EDGE Basics, GSM Protocols, GSM Channels, GSM Traffic Management, Transport Technology Used in GSM.
  • Introductions and Descriptions of UMTS:- UMTS Overview, Comparison of UMTS technology with earlier technology like 2G & 2.5G, General standards & specifications used in UMTS, UMTS Architecture, Function of network elements used in RAN & Core networks, WCDMA Basics, UMTS Protocols, UMTS Channels, UMTS Releases like HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+ Features, UMTS Traffic Management, Transport Technology Used in UMTS.

Introduction to Fundamentals of BTS and Node-B
BTS Training Institute in Delhi

  • Introductions and Descriptions:- Introduction to BTS & Node-B, Fundamental Block diagram of BTS & Node-B, Different cards/module of BTS & Node-B, Functionality of each cards/module in BTS & Node-B, Fundamentals of Diversity Technique, Sectorization in BTS, RF Module reconfiguration in Node B, Career configuration in BTS & Node-B, Alarms of BTS, Terminology used in BTS & Node-B etc.

BTS/Node-B Equipments Overview
Flexi BTS Training in India

  • NSN Ultra/Flexi BTS:- Explanation of Product overview, card descriptions, card functionally and Internal Cable-ling etc.
  • NSN Flexi Multiradio BTS:- Explanation of Product overview, card descriptions, card functionally and Internal Cable-ling etc.
  • Huawei Node B 3G BTS-3900:- Explanation of Product overview, card descriptions, card functionally and Internal Cable-ling etc.
  • Ericsson RBS 6000 Series:- Explanation of Product overview, card descriptions, card functionally and Internal Cable-ling etc.
  • Ericsson Node B RBS 6000 Series:- Explanation of Product overview, card descriptions, card functionally and Internal Cable-ling etc.
  • Other Node-B Equipment’s.

Note:- From BTS/Node-B Equipment’s Topic we cover max 2 -3 BTS/Node-B equipment based on the requirement.

Installation and commissioning of BTS/Node B Equipments

  • Nokia BTS Commissioning TrainingInstallation Procedure:- RFI Survey and report Generation, Preparation of Material Requisition Note (MRN), Finalization of tool kit according to work, Selection of Team according to work, Verify List of materials used at sites, Unpacking of materials, Initial reporting from site, Installation process, Finalization of Installation works.
  • Installation Verification & Testing:- VSWR measurement, External Alarm Testing, Internal Alarms Testing, Call Testing, Call Handover Testin and others.
  • Commissioning Tools and Procedure:- LMT 3900 Series WCDMA NodeB, Ericsson RBS OMT, Ericsson RBS Element Manager, NSN Flexi EDGE BTS Manager, NSN Flexi WCDMA BTS Site Manager, Node B/BTS commissioning, Integration of Node-B/BTS site.



  • 3G Network Maintenance Training Documentation and Handover of Site:- Preparation of Site Documentation, Punch points check & Quality Check, AT of site, Quality Audit of site.
  • Node-B/BTS Troubleshooting:- Basic overview of troubleshooting and maintenance of Node-B/ BTS Equipment’s.

Optical Fiber Transmissions in UMTS
Optics fiber Training in India

  • Introductions and Descriptions:- Introduction to SDH, SONET, WDM, Optical Fiber Cables, Types of modes in Optical Fiber, Reason for using Optical Fiber, Basic Concepts of CWDM & DWDM,WDM, SDH and SONET.

4G/LTE Overview
LTE Training in India

  • Introductions and Descriptions:- LTE Introduction, OFDMA basics, LTE architecture, Frequency Bands used in LTE, LTE Radio Channels, LTE Radio Frame Structure.

Outcome Of 3G Training?

  • Talk about 2G, 3G, 4G & Transmission Technologies.
  • Handle equipments used at BTS/Node-B site.
  • Understand functionality of Node-B, BTS, as well as MW.
  • Install-commission and align SDH/PDH MW link by himself.
  • Install, commission and Integrate Node-B/BTS Sites.
  • Check site Installation as well as commissioning quality.
  • Manage installation as well as commissioning team and make documents for the sites.

3G Training Course Details!

  • Course Fee : Rs. 40000/- (For Indian Students Only)
  • Course Code : TVC3GIE
  • Demo Classes: Two Days Free Demo Classes
  • Eligibility: BE/B.Tech/Diploma Engineers in (ECE/EEE/CSE/IT)
  • Placement: 100% Guaranteed Placement (For Indian Students Only)
  • Placement As: 3G Engineer, Node-B Engineer, BTS Engineer, Site Engineer, Project Engineer, BSS Engineer, O&M Engineer
  • Placement Location: Pan India / Priority Location (For Indian Students Only)
  • Salary You May Get: Rs. 16000/- to Rs. 22000/- CTC per Month (For Indian Students Only)
  • Duration: 90 Days
  • Domain: Telecom Technology
  • Venue: Mohan Cooperative (New Delhi)

Get in Touch With Best 3G Training Institute!

Node B 3G Training Institute

Tech Vidhya – Node B 3G Training Institute provides you placement guarantee in such great course where you can join many best industries in India and abroad that comes in top number of companies. Entering and joining the course you will be stress free for your career and the entire headache and responsibility of your future will be decided by Tech Vidhya only. Time comes once so, this is that golden day for you don’t miss out anyhow, just hold it and reach your ambition what you have dream as this right opportunity of this course waiting for your response that assists to create such place where you can touch sky in your existing career.

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